Thermally Broken

Thermally Broken - The BIG Question

Thermal breaks are your skylights' built-in defence against cold-bridging. They form an integral part the skylight frame, isolating the joint between internal and external faces.

But what is the point of thermal breaks? To put it simply they will help your home stay warmer and drier. The reason for this is because the aluminium, which most skylights are manufactured from, transmits heat/cold very efficiently. So, if the external temperature controls the skylight frame it not only creates a skylight that would be a big heat loss area for your house, it also opens up the possibility of major condensation issues.

At Sunsquare we are proud to design and manufacture a full range of truly thermally broken skylights.

So, if the technology is available, don’t all companies in the skylight and fenestration market offer this? Unfortunately, no. Many will make various claims on thermal performance, mostly based on the thermal breaks incorporated into their designs. While some of these claims will be correct, please consider that some claims are made to promote only the sale.

For a product to be truly thermally broken to today’s standards you should expect to see polyamide sections dividing all materials that sit across the internal to external parts of your building. This is the only effective way of maintaining insulation and, therefore, the climatic control of your building.

Thermally Broken