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Light Tubes


Light tubes help to maximise daylight and minimise heat transfer. They capture the rays of light on your roof and transport them, through a reflective tube, so they are magnified into the space below, to provide a cheap, natural and energy-efficient lighting.

They are easy to install and are great for adding natural light sources to dark or windowless rooms. And because they use only natural light, they can save you money because you don’t need to keep switching lights on and off during the daytime.

Here at LB Roof Windows, we stock a wide range of light tubes and sun tunnels.


Our Jet Cox tube light is designed to transport light in both a vertical and horizontal direction. With lengths of up to 8m, the Tubelight can be specified to pass through several floors of a building.

Our Velux rigid and flexible sun tunnels offer natural daylight where you never thought it could reach. Ideal for windowless bathrooms, hallways and cupboards, they are designed to be installed into pitch roofs where a standard roof window cannot be installed.

Velux sun tunnels for flat roofs are designed to provide natural light into corridors, stairwells, bathrooms and cupboards, under flat roofs, where installation of a Velux roof window is not possible.

Our Velux low energy light kit for sun tunnels gives you the option to provide light, whether it is day or night. A bulb comes supplied with the kit, and can be installed with 10" and 14" Sun Tunnels.

And we also sell 10” and 14” extensions for Velux sun tunnels, which help to create tunnel lengths of up to six metres. Whatever your use, sun tunnels and light tubes are a great way of adding more natural light into a room, especially one in which access to a window is awkward.