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Slimline Roof Windows


Our range of slimline roof windows utilise innovative design within their sleek and slim profiles to allow maximum light into your home while sitting in your roof to give a smoother, flush appearance.

They have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and make the most of the latest advanced technology.

They can be installed with all common roofing materials, in a roof pitch from 15° to 90°, and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, so can complement any décor or colour scheme.


Our range of slimline roof windows are:

Perfect for any home. Available in a range of different styles and sizes, there’s a slimline roof window perfect for your home.

A great source of natural light. Natural light has an incredible effect on your home and with a slimline frame, you would be allowing more to flow in to your room. Not only does it make your rooms look amazing, it also offers many health and wellbeing benefits, making you feel happier, more energised and more comfortable in your home.

Cost Effective. By lighting rooms with natural light, the roof window reduces the need for you to use electric lights in your home.

Energy Efficient. All of our slimline roof windows come with superior thermal efficiency, which will save you money on your lighting and energy bills.

Perfect for transforming your room. Natural light creates light, airy and open spaces, making the windows perfect for bringing a new life and purpose into your dark and unused rooms.

At LB Roof Windows, we supply a wide range of slimline roof windows from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, from our Aurora brand right through to the Dakea brand.

No matter what you want to do with your home, we can find the perfect fit for you.