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Glass Rail can be fully integrated into the building envelope. It has four options for fixing to the base support and can be fixed to the floor framing either internally or on one of the profile flanks. When the design requirements necessitate taking the glass pane surface to the limit, the system can be installed on the front of the floor framing.

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Flexim Roof Putty

£70.00 ex. VAT £84.00 inc. VAT
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Features and benefits

  • Use out of the box – no mixing required.
  • Instantly watertight and storm-proof.
  • Multi-purpose, with a wide range of roofing uses.
  • Manufactured mostly from linseed oil.
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Flexim Putty Knife

£2.67 ex. VAT £3.20 inc. VAT
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Features and benefits

  • Official flexim putty knife
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Flexim Finishing Knife

£5.34 ex. VAT £6.41 inc. VAT
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Features and benefits

  • Rounded point for easy pasteing along tile edges
  • Handy grip
  • Will not damage tiles

Glass Rail balustrade system has been developed to provide full safety in residential buildings with minimal visual disruption. This is a fully transparent glass balustrade system compatible with a range of terrace and staircase applications. At this balustrade system safety meets aesthetics, thanks to its design thought to allow full sight line aesthetics with zero visual interruptions, according to today’s architectural standards. All vertical components are totally removed to create a complete wall of glass effect. This allows for a total connection between two distinct spaces, transforming the building appearance.