Walk On Rooflights

Our walk on roof lights are typically used on roof terraces with decking and are designed to be flush with the surrounding flooring, and can be walked on as if they were part of the floor.


They are suitable for residential applications and have been designed to meet with the imposed load requirements of BS EN 1991.


Following extensive structural glass calculations, our smallest roof lights incorporate an external pane of toughened laminated glass which is 25.5mm thick. As the roof light size increases, so does the thickness of the glass that you would be walking on, so our longer roof lights feature an external pane of toughened laminated glass which is 31.5-33.5 mm thick.

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Aurora Walk On Rooflights

Features & benefits:

  • Full factory sealed and assembled to ISO9001 Dow Corning® Quality Bond™ accredited.
  • Thicker glass to ensure that the rooflight is safe to walk on.
  • Anti-slip treatements available to BS7976-2 upon request..
  • Wide range of bespoke sizes available upon request.
  • We warrant the product to be free from defects for a period of 10 years.
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