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Aurora Sliding Rooflight

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Aurora Sliding Rooflights

Our sliding rooflights are designed to provide a large opening to any roof. How you use this opening is for you to decide, but it could be that you are looking for the opportunity to open up more of your internal living space to the outside. It could be that you want to provide precise control for ventilation or that you need an opening large enough to enable access onto a roof. In any of these cases, the Aurora Sliding Rooflight is the ideal product.

Our high quality thermally efficient rooflight meets the requirements of the Building Regulations. The in-built telescopic sliding mechanism allows the rooflight to support its own weight when fully opened without the need of any roof tracks or further roof penetrating supports.

Our rooflight incorporates rack and pinion drive with a 24v concealed electric motor. The motor is controlled by a touch sensitive switch that allows precise control of the sliding rooflight. The switch incorporates an in-built transformer, simplifying the electrical wiring connections and fits neatly into a standard double gang box. 

Optional extras include a rain sensor, temperature sensor, remote control and safety access control (PIR). If you are considering ordering a product where roof access will be required, then please request the additional access pack which incorporates chequer plate tread boards which help protect the rooflights internal framework and reduce the risk of slipping during access and agress. Should there be a power failure to the rooflight whilst it is an open position, a manual override facility, including a key, can be used to disengage the rooflights motor. The rooflight can then be manually opened or closed.

The extruded thermally broken aluminium perimeter frame is powder coated RAL 7016 anthracite grey matt externally and RAL 9910 white matt internally as standard. Other RAL colour options are available upon request.

Our sliding rooflight is easy to install, an internal perimeter gasket allows the rooflight to be placed directly on top of the builders kerb without the need for site applied silicone. A qualified electrician will be required to make the final connection to the motor and the transformer switch. Wiring diagrams are provided with all opening rooflights.

As standard all double glazed units incorporate clear low 'E' glass achieving a centre pane U-value of 1.1 W/m²K.

Triple glazed option available achieving a centre pane U-value of 0.6W/m²K.


  • Full factory sealed and assembled to ISO9001 Dow Corning® Quality Bond™ accredited.
  • Rooflights meet or surpass the U-value requirements of Part L Building Regulations.
  • Toughened safety glass as defined for use in BS5516 Double glazed units incorporate a secondary unit seal to prevent deamination due to UV light.
  • High resistance to condensation under normal conditions.
  • Wide range of sizes, RAL colours and glass specifications available.
  • We warrant the product to be free from defects for a period of 10 years (electrical components 1 year).
  • Suitable for access and agress.

Structural silicone glazing is a method utilising a silicone adhesive to attach glass to metal. Wind loads and other loads such as snow and impact loads, are transferred from the glass through the structural silicone adhesive to the perimeter frame of the rooflight and from there onto the structure of the building. It is absolutely imperative for the long term performance of any rooflight constructed in this manner, that the silicone bond maintains its adhesive and cohesive integrity, which will be tested to extremes by wind load and thermal stresses throughout its service life.

Our contemporary product range has been created using the very latest structural silicone glazing techniques, standards of best practice in quality control. All Aurora structurally glazed rooflights are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions.

Our double glazed units incorporate a secondary silicone unit seal to prevent the delamination of the double glazed unit by UV light and are fully enclosed within the rooflights perimeter frame to minimise the risk of glass breakage. The silicone used in the edge of the double glazed unit has been thoroughly tested to ensure its compatibility with all other silicones and materials used within the construction of our rooflights.

The Low E, or low-emissivity coating to the glass is a transparent, microscopically thin metallic coating that works in two ways to economise heating energy. The dual action coating reflects the majority of heat back into the room thereby reducing the heat loss through the rooflight, and allows heat and light from the sun (known as passive solar heat gain) to pass through. These properties thus reduce the demand for energy to heat your home.


  • All Aurora Rooflights are covered by the manufacturers 10 year guarantee.

  • If you are not satisfied with any LB Supplies products you can return them within 14 days of purchase as long as they are unused and in their original condition and packaging. If you purchased from our website and would like to return your products, please download the LB Supplies returns form below and include it with the return. Once we′ve received your unused products, we′ll refund you the amount of the original purchase, excluding any delivery costs, using your initial method of payment. Some products may incur restocking charges. For all returns and any exchanges, you are required to cover the cost of the return delivery to our offices.  For your own security, we recommend using a recorded delivery service when sending goods to us.

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