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Mardome Roof Domes


Mardome rooflights have been designed to increase the energy saving benefits of natural light by maximising the glazing area to deliver significantly more daylight whilst achieving optimum thermal performance, for light, bright, energy efficient buildings.

The triple skin polycarbonate rooflights exceed the thermal requirements as set out in Part L of the Building Regulations, and can assist buildings in meeting their CO2 emissions targets, especially when combined with artificial lighting controls to turn the artificial lighting down or off when there is adequate daylight levels, making sound business and environmental sense.


Mardome is a flexible choice for the flat roofing market. The range is designed specifically for installation on flat and low pitched or curved roof structures where the roof pitch does not exceed 15 degrees. The extensive range will satisfy every specification requirement and budget on projects from schools and hospitals to leisure centres, commercial buildings and residential properties. Mardome offer a range of kerb and fixing options ensuring there’s a Mardome for every flat roofing application.

All Mardome Rooflights are:

  • Easy to Install – Delivered to site complete and ready to fit, in robust packaging for easy handling. The Mardome kerb foot radius facilitates easy application of roof covering to the termination point without the need for timber fillets.
  • A great source of Natural Light -  Light, Bright interiors are naturally more attractive. Providing immense physiological benefits, daylight has been proven to have a positive impact in terms of increased productivity, better concentration levels, increased sales and quicker patient recovery times in hospitals.
  • Independently Accredited - The complete Mardome rooflight range is independently accredited by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) or by EN 12101 assessment, and is CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1873 or EN 12101, testifying Mardome’s compliance with Building Regulations and good industry practice.

Each rooflight comes with a performance guarantee and the security of dealing with an established company with over 50 years’ industry experience.