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Velux Flashings


Water leakage from a poorly-flashed roof window can cause significant damage. It is often hidden within the roof cavity and may not become visible for several years, by which point repairing, rather than preventing, the damage is the only option.


Our Velux tile flashing is designed for installations of single roof windows in flat or profiled roofing material, up to a maximum profile thickness of 120mm, and is suitable only for roof pitches from 15° to 90°.


Velux flashing kits are designed to integrate your Velux roof window perfectly into the roofing material, ensuring that your window is completely weathertight, whatever the conditions.


Velux Flat Roof Kerb

Velux Flat Roof Kerb »

£209.10 ex. vat ECXCK020000T

Velux Passive House Tile Flashing

Velux Passive House Tile Flashing »

£97.00 ex. vat EDJMK042000

Velux Passive House Slate Flashing

Velux Passive House Slate Flashing »

£97.00 ex. vat EDNMK042000

Velux Slate Flashing EDLC020000-01

Velux Slate Flashing »

£36.87 ex. vat EDLCK020000

Velux Deep Tile Flashing

Velux Deep Tile Flashing »

£36.87 ex. vat EDWCK020000

Velux Plain Tile Flashing

Velux Plain Tile Flashing »

£36.87 ex. vat EDPCK020000

Velux Recessed Slate Flashing

Velux Recessed Slate Flashing »

£49.41 ex. vat EDNCK020000

Velux Recessed Tile Flashing

Velux Recessed Tile Flashing »

£49.41 ex. vat EDJCK020000

Velux Coupled Combination Flashing - Slate

Velux Coupled Combination Flashing »

£100.65 ex. vat EKLCK020021E

Velux Duo Combination Flashing - Slate

Velux Duo Combination Flashing »

£104.78 ex. vat EKLCKS0122

Velux Triple Combination Flashing

Velux Triple Combination Flashing »

£150.98 ex. vat EKLCKS0312

Velux Quattro Combination Flashing

Velux Quattro Combination Flashing »

£231.00 ex. vat EKLCK02S0222

Velux Window Profile Set

Velux Window Profile Set »

£24.75 ex. vat ZWCCK02S0001