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Liteleader Flashings


Roof windows are wonderful ways to add natural light to your home to create open, spacious rooms full of potential. However, when it comes to roof windows, flashings are key components that cannot be missed.

Roof flashings create a watertight seal around your window, giving your window year-round protection from outside weather conditions. Without properly fitted flashings, your roof window can suffer from water leakage. Often hidden within the roof cavity, water leakage is hard to spot until it’s too late and will need expensive repairs to fix.

Liteleader aims to make life better with technology and design, creating beautiful, lightweight, and durable windows that are easy to maintain and operate. Proving quality down to the last component, they offer a range of flashings that create a weather-tight seal around your windows for added protection.


The Liteleader range of roof window flashings includes specialised flashings ideal for slate and tile roofs. The range also includes a universal flashing which fits the most common roofing materials between 16mm-120mm thickness and can ensure perfect installation even on high profile tiles or corrugated slates.

The Liteleader flashings are:

- Compatible with most roofs. As well as slate and tile flashings, Liteleader also offer a universal flashing to fit any roofing materials between 16-120mm thickness, making sure your home has the perfect fit.

- Cost effective. Liteleader flashings offer a great value, protecting your window form damage and expensive repairs.

- Weatherproof. Creating a completely watertight seal, the flashing ensures that your windows are weatherproofed and offers year-round protection against the elements.  

As part of the widely represented VKR group, Liteleader provides high quality and long-lasting roof windows and flashings. Proving a super-tight waterproof seal around your windows, you can be sure that your window is protected from the elements with Liteleader flashings, even during the worst storms.