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Dakea Flashings


When it comes to roof windows, flashings are an essential item that can’t be missed. Flashings are the important last step to finishing your roof window, giving it valuable protection. Forming a completely watertight seal around your window, flashings are designed to weatherproof your window, protecting it from the elements and any expensive damages.

With a range of flashings available, Dakea flashings could be the perfect option for your home. Using over sixty years of experience in manufacturing high-quality roof windows and accessories, Dakea is one of the UK’s leading brand. Offering quality that you can trust, each Dakea roof window comes with a free 20-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your window won’t let you down.  


Dakea offers a range of flashings adapted to all roofing types and materials, ensuring that you have the perfect match for your home. They also include combination flashings, which are adaptable to multiple roof windows in whatever way you’ve chosen to arrange them. Dakea flashings also include vintage tile roofing, so you can ensure your flashing matches your window and style of the appearance of your home, adding the perfect finishing touch to your roof windows.

The Dakea flashings are:

- Compatible with most roofs. With a Dakea flashing to suit every type of roofing, you can guarantee that you’ll get the product you need for your roof.

- Weatherproof. Creating a completely watertight seal, the flashing ensures that your windows are weatherproofed and offers year-round protection against the elements.  

- Cost effective. Dakea flashings offer a great value, protecting your window form damage and expensive repairs.

- Suited to the style of your home. Offering vintage tile or slate flashings, the Dakea flashings are designed to match and suit the look and style of your home.

Dakea flashings give your windows the year-round, dependable and important protection they need.