Roof Window Flashing

When it comes to roof windows, flashings are an essential that cannot be missed They provide a watertight seal around your window, ensuring that it is weatherproof and protected from the elements.

Without properly fitted flashings, your roof window can suffer from water leakage. Often hidden within the roof cavity, water leakage is hard to spot until it’s too late, damaging your roof window.

As a source of natural light, roof windows are an excellent way to transform your home. 

They transform spaces into light, open rooms, and are the are the first step to unlocking the potential of your home, whether you want simple storage spaces or the loft conversion of your dreams.

To protect your roof window, it’s important to get flashings right. Although the many different types of flashing can look confusing, they are based on the type of roofing that you have and can be categorised by:

- Type of roof. Flashings are dependent on what roofing material is used, so they can form a correct and watertight seal around the material. The different types of roofing material include plain tiles, which sit flatly on your roof, roof tiles, which have an overlapping or curved shape, or slate, which is a grey, flat type of roofing.

- Roof pitch. Roof pitch is the degree of your roof.  Most flashings are multipurpose and will fit roofing between 15°-90°, while some can fit only certain pitches, such as 25°-90°.

Installation height. VELUX roof windows can be installed at either standard or recessed heights, which are 40mm deeper into your roof. Recessed heights are used to create a sleeker, more streamlined appearance in your roof, but will need flashing designed to protect the window at this height.

No matter what type of roof, we have the perfect flashing for your roof window. All our flashings are easy to install and provide the much-needed protection to get the most from your roof window. We believe in supplying only the best, dependable quality you can trust.