Velux Blackout Blinds

Creating a more open, lighter and airier room, roof windows are excellent for transforming your space. Once the benefits of roof windows have been unlocked, the only thing that’s left is to finish them in style.

Because of the angle of the roof, normal curtains and blinds aren’t compatible with your roof windows. With Velux, you can rely on a blind that’s perfectly fitted to your window.

For those that want complete control of the light entering your room, you can’t get any better than the Velux blackout blind. With a tight, lightproof seal, the Velux Blackout blind gives you complete darkness, exactly when you want it.

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Velux Blackout Blind

Features & benefits:

  • Blackout even when the sun is shining.
  • Slim design integrates perfectly with your roof window.
  • High quality and is tested to ensure best blackout on the market.
  • Available in manual, solar powered and electric operation.
£49.60 ex. VAT £59.52 inc. VAT
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Velux Duo Blackout & Pleated Blind

Features & benefits:

  • Best of both worlds; blackout at any time and softly diffuse light all day.
  • Slim design integrates perfectly with your roof window.
  • Have complete control of the daylight in your room.
  • Available in manual operation only.
£67.20 ex. VAT £80.64 inc. VAT
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Velux Energy Blind

Features & benefits:

  • Fabric offers complete blackout.
  • Available in White. Other colours available upon request.
  • Double pleated cloth.
  • Install in minutes with our unique Pick&Click!™ system.
  • No visible cords.
£64.00 ex. VAT £76.80 inc. VAT
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£172.80 ex. VAT £207.36 inc. VAT
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Aurora Universal Blackout Blind (Suitable for Velux Roof Windows)

Features & benefits:
  • Next day delivery on all Aurora products, throughout the UK.
  • All Aurora products benefit from a comprehensive manufacturers guarantee.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colours.
  • Very quick and simple installation.
  • Similar quality, but better pricing, compared to the more well known brands.
£34.53 ex. VAT £41.44 inc. VAT
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Fitted to sit neatly inside the window frame, the blackout blinds allow you to control how much light enters your home – no matter how sunny it is outside. Whether you’re creating an unspoiled movie environment or just simply want to remove some of the heat entering the room, blackout blinds are perfect for the job.

The Velux Blackout Blind is available in 12 different sizes, in manual, electric or solar powered versions. In addition, the Velux blinds come in a variety of colours and patterns – ensuring there’s a model perfect for your home.

The Velux blackout blinds are:

  • High quality. At LB Supplies, we believe in only providing the best. That’s why our range of blackout blinds are designed and made to the highest quality – giving you unbeatable value for years to come.
  • Ideal for controlling the light. Blackout blinds give you complete control of the light, providing absolute darkness when needed. The blinds also prevent your room from overheating, giving you comfortable and consistent temperatures, all year round.
  • Durable. All blackout blinds are durable, hard wearing, dirt resistant and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, making for easy maintenance.

With more than 70 years’ experience, you can trust Velux blinds to give you years of reliable dependability.