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Liteleader Blinds


Make the most from your roof window with Liteleader blinds.

Because of the angle of your roof, normal curtains and blinds aren’t compatible with your roof windows. That’s why it’s important to choose a blind designed for your room and window – which is where the Liteleader blinds come in.

Aiming to make life better by combining lightweight technology with cutting-edge design, the Liteleader blinds are high-quality, simple and easy to maintain and use.


Our range of Liteleader blinds includes complete blackout blinds, giving you complete control over the flow of natural light into your room. Able to achieve 100% darkness, these blinds are ideal for a variety of uses, including creating the perfect movie environment or to simply use in bedrooms for a more peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

Available in blue, white or beige, Liteleader blinds are made to match your style and look of your home, adding the perfect finishing touches to your luxury roof window.

The Liteleader roof windows are:

  • Perfect for any home.Available in different colours and styles, there’s a Liteleader blind to match the design, look and feel of any room, adding the first finishing touch to any home.
  • High quality. Durable and long-lasting, the Liteleader blinds are designed to give you high-quality dependability for years to come.
  • Ideal for controlling the light. Liteleader blinds give you complete control of the light, providing absolute darkness with blackout blinds when needed. The blinds also prevent your room from overheating, giving you comfortable and consistent temperatures, all year round.

Designed with your roof window in mind, the Liteleader blinds are simple to install, giving you windows the last detail your window needs in no time at all. Backed up by 75 years of experience and part of the VKR group, Liteleader blinds provide quality that you can trust.