Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Folding doors are the perfect solution for offering an elegant connection between your home and garden.

They offer an immense amount of natural daylight and ventilation, which not only ensures a brighter home environment, but also contributes to better health. By implementing two of the most durable materials available; stainless steel and aluminium, your bi-folding doors will not rust over time and will remain in fantastic condition for a long time, with only occasional maintenance needed on hinges and locks.

At LB Supplies, security is of paramount importance and with our bi-folding doors, you will have real peace of mind, knowing that your home is safe and secure. This is achieved by the multi-point locking system and you can enhance your security even further with additional shootbolts. Our bi-folding doors have also been put through rigorous BSI testing to prove that efficient protection against wind and driving rain is provided.

Overall, our bi-folding doors are:

Manufactured to the highest quality. Durable aluminium and stainless steel make up the construction, ensuring that your bi-folding door does not degrade over time.

Aesthetically pleasing. Our bi-folding doors offer a very elegant connection between your home and garden, and look stunning when closed as well.

Supplied with an industry leading guarantee. Supplied with a 10 years manufacturers guarantee, you can have real peace of mind that you are covered no matter what.

Safe & secure. The multi-point locking system supplied ensures that your home remains safe and secure. Additional shootbolts are available for enhanced security.

At LB Supplies, we supply an extensive range of bi-folding doors, with standard and bespoke specifications available, ensuring that we are able to match the requirements for any project.