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Roof Windows and skylight are an excellent way of transforming your home. By letting in natural light, they turn dark, unused spaces into light, open rooms full of potential. Whether you use them to add simple storage spaces or create the loft conversions of your dreams, roof windows are the first step to unlocking your home's potential.

Once you’ve found the perfect skylight or roof window for your home, the only thing remains is to ensure that you have the right accessories to make the most of it.

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Aurora Electric Opener for Roof Windows

Features & benefits:
  • Next day delivery on all Aurora products, throughout the UK.
  • All Aurora products benefit from a comprehensive manufacturers guarantee.
  • Adjustable from 100-400 mm in 50 mm increments.
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Looks good, lasts just as long, but costs far less.
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Liteleader aims to make life better with technology and design, creating beautiful, lightweight, and durable windows that are easy to maintain and operate. Proving quality down to the last component, they offer a range of accessories to finish any roof window or skylight.

Our range of Liteleader accessories includes foam collars to be used as a sealing frame around your window to insulate and prevent heat loss. The Liteleader accessories also include an underfelt foil collar to increase water tightness, protect your roof and create easier, faster installation, cutting installation time by up to 15 minutes.

The range of Liteleader accessories is:

High quality. Using their experience and knowledge of the roofing market, Liteleader accessories are made of the highest quality at an incredible value.

Perfect for any home. With our diverse range of products for both manual and electronic windows, there’s a Liteleader accessory that will match your roof window.

Ideal for control. With a range of products specifically made for your windows, opening and using your roof windows will be easier than ever before.

Durable. All Liteleader accessories are durable, hard wearing, giving you the tools or extra protection you need for your roof windows for the years to come.


As part of the widely represented VKR group and with over 75 years of experience, Liteleader offers accessories that are high-quality products designed to help with the installation of your roof window.