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Aurora Accessories


Skylights and roof windows are an excellent way of transforming your home with natural light. To make the most of your roof windows, it’s important to have the right accessories for the job.

With our Aurora accessories, you can ensure that your roof window has everything it needs for years to come. Whether you need a tool to make operating your windows easier, or just need to replace a worn-out accessory, the range of Aurora products have got you covered. 


The Aurora accessories include a range of products for both manual or automatic roof windows. For those people who prefer to open their windows manually, the range of Aurora accessories includes products like screw jack window openers or telescopic poles for the hard to reach windows.
For the people who want to their windows to match the rest of their technology, the range of Aurora accessories offers a variety of electric and remote window openers, rocker switches and climate controls, which will automatically sense and close the window if it starts to rain. 
The range of Aurora accessories is:
High quality. Using their experience and knowledge of the roofing market, Aurora accessories are made of the highest quality at an incredible value.
Perfect for any home. With our diverse range of products for both manual and electronic windows, there’s an Aurora accessory that will match your roof window. 
Ideal for control. With a range of products specifically made for your windows, opening and using your roof windows will be easier than ever before. 
Durable. All Aurora accessories are durable, hard wearing, giving you the tools you need for your roof windows for the years to come. 
With 30 years’ experience in the roofing market, Aurora accessories are the best value available in the UK. With incredibly low prices, Aurora gives you a quality you can trust at a fraction of the price.